What do people say about Cigar Country Tours?

September 5, 2019

YorkeW said that her visit to the Vefafina Factory was just perfect!

VegaFina Cigar tour educational & lots of fun

Our group thought that we were going to tour the VegaFina factory. When we arrived at the cigar store there was a problem. We weren’t told to wear long pants so they would not let us go to the large factory. Instead we were given a guided tour of the VegaFina store. It was perfect! We learned a lot & were able to roll cigars and take pictures. I recommend this over the big factory tour.

Paulr5500 said THIS about Tabacalera de Garcia Factory Tour:

Best trip ever if your a true cigar lover

I found this option on trip advisor and read up on it. I was arriving via cruise ship. I tried researching a local DMC who offered the tour with no luck. I then found their web site and connected directly with them. All interactions were fantastic.
You will spend your money on the cab ride to their store then you will pay to get your tour guide and yourselves back to the factory then your tour guide back to the store….$90 for all of that but, well worth it!!!
You can’t purchase anything at the factory due to local ordinances but when you bring the tour guide back there is a large assortment or cigars for purchase at their store. Make sure you ask for any limited edition selections as they had several that I took advantage of!
The tour itself was one I will never forget…
Unbelievable experience to walk through the entire facility and processes. If your a true cigar lover, do not pass up this opportunity.
Sorry, no photos permitted and that was sad but to walk into a humidor with 7,000,000 Cigar capacity was incredible!!

Briana1078 Loved her visit to Don Lucas Factory

Excellent tour no pressure to buy.

Transportation to and from was free and in new minivan’s with great AC. Flavio was an excellent guide and did not pressure us to buy. We got to try a cigar and make one. Rum was great and the mango and passion fruit drink they made was the best tropical drink we ever had. Adonnis in the chocolate tour was informative and passionate about the cacao culture in DR..milk chocolate was amazing. Excellent tour and prices were reasonable in the shops.

Lenays2016 said that she would go back on another La Aurora Factory tour!

Great tour

Me and my family really enjoyed this tour. Eugene was our tour guide, he was very informative and super funny. The tour allows you to experience first hand the history of the cigar brand and also learning the growing process of cigars. We all got FREE CIGARS best part lol, Eugene teaches us how to light, savour and smoke a cigar. The tour takes you though the company processing plant. We got to see actual cigar rollers at work, which was pretty cool. To see the local ppl of Santiago working very happy all while freely smoking cigar was enlightening lol. I definitely recommend this tour for families with children over 18. Great tour, will do again.