VegaFina Cigar Factory Tours

La Estancia, La Romana, Dominican Republic

VegaFina is one of the world’s best-considered premium cigars. VegaFina takes it’s name from the “Vegas Finas” (fine plains), unique lands where sunshine, moisture and soil composition combine perfectly to grow the most exclusive tobacco leaves.

The excellence of VegaFina cigars is due to a long, meticulous process where only the best tobaccos are combined, following the centuries-old tradition of tobacco rolling artisans. VegaFina Classic cigars offer a mild wooden flavour, with pepper, almonds and coffee notes. It’s refined tobacco blend is carefully dressed in a light brown Connecticut shade Ecuadorian wrapper, subtle and shiny.

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  • Online Factory Tour
    View videos of our cigar-making process, pictures of the factory and the story behind VegaFina.
  • Aficionado Factory TourBook tour
    This in-depth tour following the path of the tobacco leaves from the fields to final packaging. US$5 p/p 30 mins.
  • Cigar Tasting Basics Book tasting Discern your palate's preference by savoring three of our finest blends ranging from mild to full-bodied. US$30 p/p 1h+